21st November 1913 (Friday)

BORN TODAY: In Bray, England – the Boulting Brothers – John Edward and Roy Alfred Clarence, English film-makers and identical twins. Their classics included Brighton Rock; Private’s Progress; I’m Alright Jack (John) and  Carlton-Browne of F.O.; The Family Way;  and There’s a Girl in My Soup (Roy). Their elder brother, Sydney, was the original director of the “Mousetrap”, still running in London after 51 years.


Society and culture: At Northenden school in Manchester, England, the school log for the day reflects the local community’s health concerns:

“The attendance this week has been very low indeed.  Many parents refuse to send their children so long as there is any danger of contracting Scarlet Fever.”


13th July 1913 (Sunday)

BORN TODAY: The State Technical University of Konisgsberg (then in East Prussia) now known as Kaliningrad (after 1945 an oblast of the Soviet Union, now an exclave  of Russia).

World Affairs: The UK House of commons publishes the Casement Report into atrocities perpetrated by the British Peruvian Amazon company in its pursuit of profit from the rubber industry.

Society and Culture: Liepzig, in Germany, hosts the twelfth German gymnastics festival.

Railway accident – 15 die and 100 are injured in a rail collision at Venice Beach, Los Angeles.

Royal Lancastrian Progress: On the seventh day of their royal tour, King George V and Queen Mary become the first reigning monarchs to visit a UK football (soccer) league venue when they visit local schoolchildren at the Goodison ground, home of the Everton club in Liverpool.

29th May 1913 (Thursday)

BORN TODAY: in Baku in the Russian Empire (now Azerbaijan) – Hokuma Gurbanova, Azeri actress and the USSR’s “Peoples’ Artist” for 1965. Also awarded the Order of the Badge of Honour (1949); The Order of Lenin (1959); and the Order of the Red Banner of Labour (1973).

Also – in Nagyberezna, Austria-Hungary (later Veliky Bereznij in Russia, then Ukraine)  – Ivan Rohach, Ukrainian journalist, poet and writer. Personal secretary to the (nominal) Prime Minister of Carpatho-Ukraine (the Republic of Rusyn) which existed for 1 day – 15th March 1939, before being occupied by Hungary.

Society and Culture: In Paris, the Premiere of Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring” witnesses probably the most famous riot in musical history.

At Haggar’s Theatre, in Llanelly, Wales – Vulcana (born Kate Williams, daughter of a local preacher, now aged 38) beats rival strong woman Athelda in a competition to lift a challenge bell. With her partner, “Atlas”, she has been appearing as a stage act in London since 1892, having started at the age of 17.

12th April 1913 (Saturday)

BORN TODAY, in Tokyo, Japan – Keiko Fukuda, the highest ranked female judo practitioner in history and until two months ago the sole surviving student of the founder of Judo. At 99 she was still teaching her art in the San Francisco Bay area, where she emigrated after first visiting in the 1950s and 1960s.  She died just two months ago, aged 99 and 10 months.

Obituary:  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/obituaries/9868578/Keiko-Fukuda.html

World Affairs/ Second Balkan War At a conference in St Petersburg dealing with the outcomes of the First Balkan War, Austria Hungary, Italy and Germany fail to obtain agreement (concessions) from Bulgaria for Rumania over the Silistra region on the Black Sea coast.

Arms Race: In Wellington, New Zealand, the battlecruiser “HMS New Zealand” starts a ten week tour during which around half a million New Zealanders will inspect their gift to the mother country. With 26 guns and 800 crew, the New Zealand will earn a reputation as a a “lucky” ship when it escapes significant damage or casualties at the Battle of Jutland in 1916. Some will attribute this to the Maori kilt and pendant which the captain wears during the battle.

Accidents and disasters: in the Wairarapa district of New Zealand an earthquake shakes the town. Te Hone Ngawhiro is struck by a piece of falling concrete as he flees from a local post office and is killed instantly.

Society and culture: In Britain, the weekly magazine “New Statesman” is founded by Sidney and Beatrice Webb. HAPPY CENTENARY!

Also founded today: The British Ecological Society, the first organisation of its kind in history – founded by 47 people invited by the British Vegetation Committee. HAPPY CENTENARY!

In California, the City of San Marino was incorporated. HAPPY CENTENARY!