7th April 1913 (Monday)

BORN TODAY, in Salt Lake City, Utah, granddaughter of two Presidents of the Church of Latter Day Saints – Florence Smith Jacobsen, 6th General President of the Young Woman’s Mutual Improvement Association of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints from 1961 to 1972, following in the footsteps of her Aunt, who held the same position from 1937 to 1948.

First Balkan War: In the UK Houses of Parliament, British politicians fret about their proposed participation in an “international naval demonstration” in Montenegrin waters, designed to discourage the continuing Montenegrin siege of Scutari (Skadar) in newly liberated Albania, even though Montenegro is seen a “friendly power”. ┬áThe British foreign secretary, Sir Edward Grey, stresses that “what is going on in Albania is not now a war of liberation, but a war of conquest”. The Russians have already made it clear that they will not join the “international naval demonstration”. Mr Keir Hardie wants to know: “Can an undertaking not be given that before troops or marines are landed this House will have an opportunity of discussing a matter which may easily develop into a European War?”

Society and Culture: On the Isle of Man, in the Irish Sea between England, Ireland and Scotland, the Manx language society holds a “Manx Supper” at the Palace Restaurant in Douglas, where speeches, songs and conversation in the Manx language are enjoyed by the participants.

At “Big Pit” coal mine, in Wales, the face manager, the under manager and a fireman all lose their lives in a fire.

Music: Charles Hubert Hasting’s Parry’s “Elegy in A major” is performed with a dedication “for the funeral of Sidney, 14th Earl of Pembroke, April 7th 1913”. It is also known as the “Elegy for 7th April 1913”. ┬áThe Earl died a week ago, in Rome.