11th November 1913 (Tuesday)

BORN TODAY: in Skipton, Yorkshire, England, of Scottish parents – Iain Norman McLeod, Cambridge educated Royal Fusilier and professional bridge player who became (from 1959 to 1961) one of Britain’s last Colonial Secretaries (the Government minister responsible for the Colonies), overseeing the decolonisation of Nigeria, British Somaliland, Tanganyika, Sierra Leone, Kuwait and British Cameroon, before moving on to become Chancellor of the Exchequer (Finance Minister) in 1970, a post in which he died from a heart-attack almost immediately after taking office. Perhaps he had seen the writing on the wall at Number 11 Downing Street.


World Affairs – in Athens, Greece, the governments of Greece and Turkey sign a peace treaty which finally brings to an end the Second Balkan war, restores diplomatic relations and attempts to resolve some of the issues of nationality facing the large numbers of muslim turks in Greece and orthodox greeks in European Turkey and Turkish Asia Minor (Anatolia).


Labour Relations: In Wellington, New Zealand, George Adkin seems to be enjoying his strike breaking duties. He records in his dairy:

“…Had hot pies + cakes en route.  City very quiet + I think our job was to keep the strikers off the Chinamen who were buying fruit from the steamers discharging.  At 2 pm fed + watered horses + had an excellent meal in a building off Waterloo Quay provided by some very nice ladies belonging to Red Cross Society.  Spent rest of afternoon reading, resting + smoking (free cigarettes + fruit provided by local shopkeepers)…Left for camp soon after 5 pm – refreshing shower-bath before tea.  At 7 pm foot parade + roll-call in Buckle St.  At 8 at kinomataograph entertainment was given in Garrison interspersed by songs + other items by Wellington gentlemen.” [Museum of New Zealand].


27th October 1913 (Monday)

BORN TODAY: Near Lodge Grass, Montana, USA  – Joseph Medicine Crow-High Bird, tribal historian, anthropologist and author: “Born into [the] illustrious warrior tradition of the Crow, this dude had some pretty hardcore badasses to look up to as a young man” .

[Badass of the week: Quote: “This shit is so crazy you couldn’t even make it up”]


~ Also, in Prostějov, in Austria-Hungary (later Czechoslovakia, and later still the Czech Republic) – Otto Wichterle, chemist, inventor of sylon, and of soft contact lenses now worn by around 100 million people worldwide. No badass, he.


World Affairs: The Emir of Kuwait signs an agreement with Britain giving the British the right to to approve or deny any concessions for foreign powers to drill for oil in Kuwait.


Extreme Weather – the worst tornado in British history, with winds in excess of 160mph, kills 3 and injures scores more as it rips through South Wales on its way from Devon to Cheshire.


Women’s suffrage: In Bristol, England  the Suffragettes’ shop in Queen’s Road, is attacked and seriously damaged.


Society and culture: In New Zealand, young farmer George Adkin is “sickened” by the spring sight of “Foxgloves up in their thousands”.