15th August 1915 (Sunday)

BORN TODAY: in Stockholm – Signe Eleonora Cecilia Larsson (later, Signe Hasso) Swedish born American actress.


Society and Culture: at St Mary Magdalene Parish church in Old Milton, Hampshire, in southern England, Ethel Henrietta Florence Burton (25) marries Frank Rex (“Jimmy”) Fletcher (25).


Leisure: New Zealand farmer and diarist George Adkin enjoys a Sunday afternoon outing in the country (after church) with friends in their  “lovely Humber car… Maud [his fiance]wore a bewitching black veil tied over a soft hat + her black furs + when she nestled down into the billowy soft cushions + was tucked in with a nice fur rug, she looked like a sweetest little adorable duchess one could imagine.”



Gallipoli: In response to the continuing failures of allied attacks on the Turkish at Suvla Bay, the British Secretary of War (Kitchener) dismisses the General in charge. Several more senior military men are either dismissed or voluntarily resign, an option sadly not available to the long suffering and frequently dying troops.


 On the (British) Home Front: Under the recent National Registration Act, all UK citizens between the ages of 15 and 65 are required today to register as at the their current residential address.


11th August 1915 (Wednesday)


~ in Dayton, Ohio – Paul Falkard Iams, Sr, manufacturer of petfoods.

~ In Deer Lodge, Montana – Luise Stephanie Zelinska, better known as Jean Parker, manufacturer of celluloid dreams.



11th July 1915 (Sunday)

DIED TODAY:  “Somewhere in Sussex”, Mr H Mayer catches a splendid common carp, weighing in at 9lbs 6oz. The poor beast is soon stuffed and encased for posterity, and later still – indignity upon indignity – captured again in a “fine art print”. Yours for just 23 english pounds (plus postage and packing).


4th June, 1915 (Friday)

BORN TODAY: in Bamako, capital of the colony of French Sudan (now Mali) – Modibo Keïta, the first President of independent Mali, 1960-1968.



Gallipoli: At the Third Battle of Krithia, the Allies once again fail to make any significant advance against the Turkish defenders.



On the Western Front: Private Oliver W. Hodgetts (8662) 1st Battalion Worcestershire Regiment, having recently been found guilty of cowardice, is shot by firing squad at dawn. Private Hodgetts is 20 years old.


On the (English) Home Front: in Kent, the Dover Express reports how the local golf club is enjoying great popularity with Military Officers, who are however having to “make do” with girl caddies because so many young men are away fighting the war.


26th May 1915 (Wednesday)

BORN TODAY: – On Piccadilly Circus, London – the Regent Palace Hotel – with 1,028 rooms, the largest hotel in Europe.


On the (British) Home Front: Three die after Southend, a town to the east of London, is bombed by Zeppelin LZ-38.


On the (German) Home Front:  The French airforce bomb the German chlorine gas and acid factory at Ludwigshafen releasing clouds of gas over parts of the city of Mannheim.  [Burg & Purcell].

On the (Russian) Home Front: In Moscow, the start of three days of rioting targeting ethnic germans, and foreigners more generally, brings Russia’s second city to  “a chaotic orgy of looting, arson, destruction, and violence that observers saw as akin to civil war or revolution. Approximately eight were killed and 40 seriously injured by the rioters [before] the troops finally intervened on 29 May.”


31st January 1915 (Sunday)

BORN TODAY: in Austin, Texas – Alan Lomax, “one of the great American field collectors of folk music  of the 20th century… also a folklorist,  ethnomusicologist, archivist, writer, scholar, political activitist, oral historian and film-maker” [Wikipedia].



Eastern Front: At Bolimow, the German ninth army launches 18,000 gas laden artillery shells against Russian troops, but sub-zero temperatures neutralise the gas which is dispersed without harm. The Russians, unaware, do not report the gas attack to thier allies. [Burg & Purcell].


Middle East: Forces of the Idrisid Emir of Asir (now south west Saudi Arabia) occupy the Farasan Islands in the Red Sea.



Leisure: and love: New Zealand farmer and diarist George Adkin enjoys a summer’s afternoon of photography, and the company of his beloved fiance, Maud, “my sweet softie”.



26th January 1915 (Tuesday)

BORN TODAY: in Colorado, USA – The Rocky Mountain National Park, a “huge expanse of scenic rugged terrain” [Google maps].



Transcaucasian Front, and beyond: In Sufian in Persia (now in Eastern Azerbaijan province in Iran) Russian forces under General Chernozubov overpower Turkish forces, enabling the Russians to re-establish local control and authority in Tabriz, ignoring Persia’s declared neutrality.



Taxation blues: In Dublin, in (British) Ireland, Mr Richard Reeve Smythe of Griffin Lodge is being prosecuted for refusing to pay his motor tax, as required of motor owners under the provisions of the Motor Tax Licence Duties Collection Order, 1910. My Smythe’s legal council questions the validity of the tax, noting that “motorists across Ireland rarely paid it to their county councils and prosecutions were like angel visits, few and far between” [RTE century ireland].