9th April, 1914 (Thursday)

BORN TODAY: in Vyshny Volochyok, in Imperial Russia – Boris Sergeyevich Sokolov, geologist and paleontologist.


World Affairs: Off the West Coast of Mexico the world experiences its first ever air/ naval skirmish as opposing forces in the Mexican revolution confront each other: A biplane representing the constitutionalist forces, flown by a pilot trained in the USA,  drops bombs on gunboats of the Huertista regime.  All the bombs miss, and the blockade continues.


On the same day, in what will become known as the “Tampico incident”,  “a paymaster of the U.S.S. Dolphin [lands] at the Iturbide Bridge landing at Tampico [Mexico] with a whaleboat and boats’ crew to take off certain supplies needed by his ship , and while engaged in loading the boat [is] arrested by an officer and squad of men of the army of General Huerta”. US President Wilson becomes involved in subsequent remonstrations with the Mexican government, requesting permission from the US Congress [on April 20th] to use US troops if necessary ” to obtain from General Huerta and adherents the fullest recognition of the rights and dignity of the United States”.