11th January 1915 (Monday)

BORN TODAY: At Newtownards, County Down, in British Ireland – Lieutenant Colonel Robert Blair (“Paddy”) Mayne, “Founder member Special Air Services (SAS), Solicitor, Rugby Union International, Champion Amateur Boxer, Polar Explorer and Freemason.” [www.irishmasonichistory.com]



War at Sea: In London, Churchill receives detailed plans for a massive offensive by the British Navy to storm the Dardanelles in Turkey and threaten Constantinople from the Sea of Marmara. Planners predict that the operation can be completed in around one month [Burg & Purcell].

In the Middle East: After fierce hand to hand fighting today at the Battle of Muscat, between Anglo-Indian forces (holding Muscat) and the army of Sultan Taimur of Oman, Private Nand Ram of the (Anglo-Indian) 102nd Grenadiers, is posthumously awarded an Indian Order of Merit (Second Class) with the citation: “For conspicuous courage during the operations in the vicinity of Muscat on the 11th January 1915, in staying behind alone at a picquet post in order to protect a comrade who was badly wounded.  During this plucky act, Sepoy Nand Ram was himself overpowered and killed by the enemy.” [www.kaiserscross.com]



The stress of modern life: In the City of Exeter, a local newspaper reports on the fate of a 50 guinea horse, recently bought from the countryside by the British Army, which could not cope with the stress of modern city life and broke its neck in a panicked fall in the city streets.


5th October 1913 (Sunday)

BORN TODAY: in Cordele, Georgia – Perry Hunt Wheeler, designer of the White House Rose Garden.


World Affairs – al-Wasik Billah al-Majid Sayyid Taimur bin Faisal bin Turki becomes the new Sultan of Oman on the death of his father, Sayyid Faisal bin Turki.


Accidents and disasters: At the Dysart Pit (coal mine) in Scotland, miner David Duncan dies in a gas explosion, and two of his colleagues are injured.


Extreme Weather:

~ Flooding in Ratnapura, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) forces many to take refuge in trees and on roof-tops. Vincent de Hoedt is (later) awarded a Royal Human Society medal for saving twelve people from the floods.


~ A storm in Nome, Alaska, causes $1million of damages.