28th May, 1914 (Thursday)

BORN TODAY: In Madras, in British India (now Chennai) – Group Captain Wilfrid George Gerald Duncan Smith, Distinguished Service Order (DSO)  and Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC) – World War 2 British flying ace; author of “Spitfire into Battle”; and father of the UK’s Conservative Party Leader (2001 to 2003).


Shipping News: The Royal Mail Steamship the Empress of Ireland leaves Quebec, Canada, bound for Liverpool, England, carrying 1477 passengers and crew, but missing one cat.


Emmy the Cat, “A loyal ginger moggie who had never once missed a voyage, repeatedly tried to escape…the crew could not coax her aboard, and the Empress departed without her…”


Ireland: At Curragh, near Dublin, the (British) South Irish Horse Regiment and their wives and families are enjoying a Regimental Sport Day.