27th March 1914 (Friday)

BORN TODAY: In Litherland, Lancashire – Squadron Leader William Hubert Rigby ‘Nits’ Whitty DFC (Distinguished Flying Cross).


~Also, in Siam (Thailand) – The Siam Army Air Corps, later to be renamed the Royal Thai Air Force.


Science and technology: In Belgium, Doctor Albert Hustin conducts the first successful non-direct blood transfusion, using a combination of (not so new) anti-coagulant technology (sodium citrate ) and refrigeration.


26th October 1913 (Sunday)

BORN TODAY: In Bangkok, Thailand – the Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute, founded in response to the death of the Princess Momchaoying Banlusirisarn Diskul from Rabies in 1911. Originally named the “Pastura Sabha” after Louis Pasteur, but later renamed to commemorate the Princess’s grandmother, who donated funds for the purchase of medical equipment and facilities.


~ Also, in Tuncurry, NSW, Australia – the Tuncurry Afforestation Camp, with its stated purpose: “to provide prisoners with a modified form of prison life and the opportunity to acquire skills which could be used on release“.

(QUOTE: “An area of 6,000 acres was selected and twenty prisoners, plus four officers, commenced work in November 1913. Various preparations, such as fencing, levelling and grass-planting were undertaken. Tree-planting began in May and in the next few months the number of trees planted by prison labour was 121,896.” UNQUOTE).  [NSW Government State Records]


Accidents and disasters: Seven Milwaukee firemen die when the Goodyear Tyre Company building collapses after an explosion caused by the fire.