5th November 1914 (Thursday)

BORN TODAY: Emmanuel Kiwanuka Nsubuga, Archbishop of Kampala from 1966 to 1990, who spoke out against human rights abuses during the regime of Idi Amin.



Britain declares war on Turkey and immediately annexes Cyprus. France also declares war on Turkey.



In (nominally) Turkish ruled Egypt (actually already a British “protectorate”) British forces depose the Khedive (the Turkish equivalent of a viceroy) – Abbas II Hilmi Bey, who has reigned since 1892.


In London, Selfridges Store is selling puppets of “Guy-ser Bill” to be used as effigies for the English celebration of “Guy Fawkes night”.






11th July 1913 (Friday)

BORN TODAY: At Wenchi on the Gold Coast of Africa – Dr Kofi Abrefa Busia,  Prime Minister of Ghana from 1969 to 1972, who earned a DPhil from Oxford University in 1947 with his thesis: “The position of the chief in the modern political system of Ashanti: a study of the influence of contemporary social changes on Ashanti political institutions.”

World Affairs/ Second Balkan War – the Romanian Army crosses the Danube and invades northern Bulgaria while Bulgarian forces are simultaneously at war on two other fronts with Greece and Serbia. The Bulgarians have gambled that their ally Russia will prevent this Romanian attack.

Meanwhile, further South (as reported later in the international commission report established to examine the causes of the Balkan Wars), Jonnah Hristo Tsigaridis writes to his brother Mitso, that  “we put to fire every Bulgarian village from Seres to the border…”.


Royal Lancastrian Progress: On the fifth day of their royal tour, King George V and Queen Mary visit Merseyside (Liverpool) where their (brief) embarkation on the dock port tender, Galatea, is accompanied by over a hundred vessels that are being presented for royal review.

Royal Ugandan Progress: The King of Uganda visits Murton Colliery in County Durham (in Britain).