30th January 1913 (Thursday)

BORN TODAY, in Buckinghamshire, England – Percy Thrower, gardener, “Dig for Victory” campaigner, and broadcaster.

Ireland: The UK House of Lords rejects the Home Rule for Ireland Bill.

First Balkan War: Hazan Riza Pasha, the 41 year old Ottoman Governor of Scutari, who is defending the Albanian city against the ongoing Montenegrin siege, is assassinated in a plot by Essad Pasha Toptani, who takes over the command the following day.

Extreme Weather: A tropical cyclone hits Cairns, Queensland, Australia, taking the roof off the railway station, destroying the local banana crop and lifting houses from their blocks.

Law and Order: at Lewes Prison in England, the “Hooded Man’ (George Mackay, also known as John Williams) is hanged after being convicted earlier this month of murdering (shooting) a policeman in Eastbourne to avoid arrest.

Entertainment: The Sheffield (UK) Daily Telegraph advertises, at the “Sheffield Jungle” :

“Ginger, An Orang-Outang with accomplishments that know no laws. See him [at] The Jungle, daily at (about) 4.10 and 9.10.”