9th May 1914 (Saturday)

BORN TODAY:   Louis Denham Fouts, “male prostitue and outstandingly and handsomely in demand literary muse”



World Affairs: The “Morning Post” reports the killing of three Britons and three “native constables” on the North West frontier, in Waziristan on the North West Frontier of British India (now on the Pakistan/ Afganistan border). Major Dodd, the “political agent” and two military colleagues (plus the three “natives”) are shot dead by a “native orderly”, who also dies in the attack [Spectator, 16th May 1914].


Sport: In Louisville, Kentucky, John McCabe, riding “Old Rosebud”, wins the 40th Kentucky Derby, by eight lengths. “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports” [Wikipedia]


Social research: the Polish anthropologist and Somerville College (Oxford) student Marya Czaplicka applies for funds for an expedition to Siberia, which are granted to her later this month. Three days later the trilingual student leaves for Sibeia to study the social anthropology of Northern Asia, “her subject being shamanism in the tribes of Siberia” [Somerville College, Oxford – some.ox.ac.uk]



~ one day after his twenty fifth birthday, Arthur Cumming, British figure skater and Olympic silver medalist, dies from tetanus contracted in a recent motor cycle accident.


~ The Exeter and Plymouth Gazette reports the untimely death, late last month, of Charles Shute “son of a Naval petty officer, [who] was paddling in a stream near his home at Heavitree when he severely cut his foot. He was taken to the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital at 5.20 p.m., but it was 6.10 p.m. before a doctor could be found. He progressed favourably till the following Monday, when lockjaw  [tetanus] set in, and he died on Tuesday.”