22nd June 1915 (Tuesday)

EXPLORATION: Members of Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctic expedition celebrate mid-winter with a dinner on board HMS Endurance.


DIED TODAY: at  Bukovina (now split between Romania and Ukraine) – Ferenc Istvan Dénes Gyula Békássy, Cambridge graduate, Hungarian bi-lingual poet and Imperial Hussar. Killed in action, aged 22.



Eastern Front: Austro-Hungarian forces recapture the city of Lemberg (Lwow/ Lviv) from the Russians.


Africa: On the shores of Lake Victoria in German East Africa, the British 25th (Frontiersmen) Battalion, Royal Fusiliers and others have launched an amphibious attack on Bukoba (“The Battle of Bukoba”) with the objective to destroy the German wireless station.


18th April 1915 (Sunday)

BORN TODAY: at Miedzybrodzie, Cracow, Austria-Hungary (now in Poland) – Józef Karol Czulak: Cavalry Officer in Poland; prisoner of war in Romania; fugitive in Yugoslavia; resistance fighter in Italy and France; exile in England; Army Captain in Scotland; liberator in France; undergraduate and research bacteriologist in England; and migrant and cheese scientist in Australia, where he won the Australian Society of Dairy Technology’s gold medal in 1960.



War from the air: French Pilot “Roland Garros is forced down behind German lines and taken prisoner. His plane is recovered intact by the Germans, which results in a technological leap forward for aerial warfare.”


2nd April, 1915 (Good Friday)

BORN TODAY: Gică Petrescu, “prolific Romanian folk music composer and performer.” [Wikipedia].



Society and Culture: In common with service colleagues and many, many others today, Private George Potter Bagshaw and his colleagues in the Derbyshire Territorials, currently stationed in Northern France, attend an early morning Good Friday service.


The (Egyptian) Home Front: At what became known as the “Battle of Wazzir” in Cairo a large body of (over 2000) mainly Australian and New Zealand troops participate in a drunken riot  in an area known as “Haret el Wasser, an area of Cairo where there were a large number of brothels and drinking establishments”. The troops are reported “to have had an assortment of complaints, including recent price increases, poor quality drinks, and concerns about the spread of venereal disease.” [Wikipedia]



10th February 1915 (Wednesday)


~  at Khutghar, in the Indian region of Maharashtra – Shri Sonubhau Baswant, Indian Congress Party member.

~ In Romania – Gheorghe Rășinaru, international midfield football (soccer) player.

~ Carencro, nr. Lafayette, Louisiana (or maybe in a year from now?) – Aldus Roger, cajun accordion player and leader of the Lafayette Playboys.




Here comes the cavalry! In Richmond Park, London, officers of the 1st County of London Yeomanry (Middlesex, The Duke of Cambridge’s Hussars) are photographed in a cavalry charge during a training exercise.


Degrees of neutrality: US President Woodrow Wilson issues his “Strict Accountability” message to the German government, making it clear that the U.S. government will not tolerate any strategy by the German navy to sink neutral U.S. shipping at any time.


At the same time the US President sends a formal letter of protest to London stating that British ships flying neutral flags will place neutral nationals in danger without protecting British ships. The complaint has been prompted by reports that the Lusitania, a British passenger ship carrying (among others) US citizens, has used the stars and stripes to disguise its nationality.  An American journalist comments later that Britannia not only rules the waves but also “waives the rules.”


17th January 1915 (Sunday)

BORN TODAY: (only in the USA) – Vincent Kosuga – American onion farmer “best known for manipulating the onion futures market. Though he made millions of dollars on commodity trading, his actions were highly controversial and attracted government scrutiny. This scrutiny led to the passing of the Onion Future Act, which banned the trading of futures contracts  on onions.” [Wikipedia]



In the East: Russia occupies the historic region of Bukovina (now divided between Ukraine and Romania), and also Western Ukraine.




Mining accidents: At the village of Halmer End, in England’s North Staffordshire coal-fields, a coal gas explosion kills 9 miners, including Arthur Shufflebottom, aged just 16.


Society and culture: in the USA, the radical labour organizer and anarchist Lucy Parsons lead a hunger march in Chicago.


10th October 1914 (Saturday)

DIED TODAY: Prince Karl Eitel Friedrich Zephyrinus Ludwig of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, born in 1839 to Prince Karl Anton of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen and Princess Josephine Friederike Luise of Baden, Prussian military officer and later elected “Domnitor” (Ruling Prince) of Romania, where later still he proclaimed himself King (Carol I, but not the the last). Founder of the Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen dynasty which survived until Romania was declared a Republic in 1947. He is succeeded today by his nephew, King Ferdinand 1 (and, to date, the last).


2nd October 1914 (Friday)

BORN TODAY: in Kolozsvár, Austria-Hungary (now Cluj-Napoca, in Romania) – Endre Senkálszky, ethnic Hungarian actor and director who died in his home-town in January 2014, aged 99.



Society and Culture: Despite the predictions of a well known religious sect, the world did not end today.