29th August 1914 (Saturday)

BORN TODAY: in Glasgow, Scotland – William “Billy” McEwan, Scottish footballer.



Western Front: In the ongoing “Battle of the Frontiers” French casualties (killed, wounded and missing) exceed a quarter of a million men after just a little more than one week of fighting.

Source: “Mapping the First World War” (Peter Chassaud)

At the Battle of Guise the French Fifth Army, commanded by General Lanrezac, makes a successful counter-attack against the German Second Army, slowing the advance of German forces towards Paris.


In the Pacific: New Zealand soldiers land at Apia and successfully occupy German Samoa.




8th May 1914 (Friday)

BORN TODAY: in Christchurch, New Zealand – Gaven John Donne, Knight of the British Empire, Kiwi barrister; Chief Justice to the Supreme Court of Samoa; Chief Justice of the Cook Islands and Niue; Queen’s representative to the Cook Islands; Chief Justice of Nauru and Tuvalu. “One of the longest serving judges in the Southern Hempisphere” [Wikipedia].


Society and culture: the US Congress passes legislation setting the second Sunday in May as “Mother’s Day” in the USA.


Science and technology: The “Wine and Spirit Trade Record” journal publishes an article “The evolution of a cork”, which includes photographs of english cork-cutters practising the dying art of hand-cut corks, increasingly replaced since the mid nineteenth century by more efficient mechanised solutions.