20th July 1914 (Monday)

BORN  TODAY: South African Income Tax.

[from the South African government web-page “tax can be fun”]. Hmmm.  Civil servants at their fun-loving best…


World Affairs? Paris is gripped with courtroom drama on the first day of the trial of Madame Henriette Caillaux, the second wife of the former French premier, who shot dead Gaston Calmette, the editor of the  newspaper “Le Figaro”, in March.


Meantime, French President Raymond Pincare arrives at the Kronstadt naval base in Russia, where he is greeted by Tzar Nicholas II before being entertained at a banquet at the Peterhof Palace.

Entertainment: The Great escapologist Harry Houdini is wowing the crowds with his underwater escape stunts.

Houdini Straddles Crate Before Going Into Water, July 1914


3rd October 1913 (Friday)


~ In Unterreichenbach in the Black Forest – Albert Blaich, Oberleutnant in the German Wehrmacht.


~ At Pfaffenberg in Bavaria – Major Georg Christl, Battle of Britain fighter pilot escorting German WW2 bombers.


Arms Race: The Austro-Hungarian government authorises an increase in the size of its army to 600,000 men.

In the UK, an “Army Exercise”, the largest ever conducted in Britain, is brought to a conclusion by the King addressing the officers involved at a conference immediately after.


Global Finance: In the US the Government introduces the first ever Federal income Tax – levied at 1%