3rd January 1913 (Friday)

BORN TODAY – Prince Mircea of Romania, third son and last child of King Ferdinand. Died of typhoid in wartime Bucharest, in November 1916, aged 3 years.

Science and Technology: Thomas Edison gives a demonstration of the latest version of his “kinetophone”, an early attempt to bring sound and film together, at his laboratory in New Jersey.

Labour relations: Striking coal miners from the Wankie colliery in Rhodesia, Southern Africa, appear in court and face stiff legal penalties which break the strike. Amongst other grievances, the workers are responding to severe food and health problems at the site during 1912 which are resulting in increasing levels of death from scurvy during the months of December and January.

Arts and Literature: J.R.R. Tolkien reaches the age of 21, and is released from a ban on communicating with his sweetheart, Edith. He writes to Edith, but is shocked to find she is betrothed to someone else. A few days later he travels to Cheltenham and persuades her to marry him.