18th March 1914 (Wednesday)

BORN TODAY: In Vienna, Austria  – Heinrich Herzog, son of Jacques Herzog, sole owner of the bank Herz & Strauss, and his wife Franziska Bamberger. In 2002 Mr Herzog junior (aged 88) was successful in his claim for an amount of 156,000 swiss francs from an [unnamed] Swiss Bank. According to Mr Herzog’s testimony

“his father’s bank had business relations with the Bank in Switzerland, as well as with another bank in Zurich, Switzerland, and a company in Zug, Switzerland. The Claimant also stated that his paternal uncle, Emil Herzog, made frequent trips to Basel, Switzerland, where he deposited assets. Emil Herzog committed suicide in Vienna in 1938. According to the information provided by the Claimant, his father, who was Jewish, was arrested with the Claimant’s mother by the Gestapo in March 1938 and put in jail in Vienna, and his bank was liquidated by the Nazis. The Claimant explained that his father managed to flee Austria to the United States later in 1938”.



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