8th February 1913 (Saturday)

BORN TODAY – Marshal of the UK Royal Air Force, Sir John Grandy, GCV, GCVO, KBe, DSO, KStJ – WWII Battle of Britain Squadron Commander, and later Chief of the Air Staff. Died 2004, aged 90.

The First Balkan War – In an official denial the Serbian Press Office declares that, “Such atrocities alleged to have been perpetrated by the Serbian army are simply unthinkable today on the part of a people who are exceptionally religious and tolerant.”

During the siege of Bizani, a Russian pilot flying for the Greeks becomes the first pilot ever to be shot down in combat when his biplane is hit by Ottoman ground fire after a bombing run. He manages to land his plane, get help from local Greeks and eventually to fly back to his base.

World Affairs – Nicaragua and the USA sign the Wertzel-Chamorro Treaty, with the US paying $3million for the right to build the Panama canal, which has already been under construction for many years.

In Mexico City, cadets from the military academy enter the city on trolley cars at the start of what will become known as “The ten tragic days” (La Decena Tragica).

Women’s suffrage: A local paper in the UK reports “what is thought to be another suffrage outrage” in Hertfordshire after 16 telephone lines are cut overnight near the “Black Boy” public house on the Watford to St Albans road. Local phone lines are not disabled but residents in Hemel Hempstead and Berkhamsted are unable to make calls to London or “trunk calls” to other parts of Britain.