23rd July 1913 (Wednesday)

BORN TODAY: in Plymouth, Devon, England – Michael Mackintosh Foot, post war Labour politician, passionate anti-nuclear campaigner, famous orator,  and (briefly, 1980-1983) Leader of the Labour Party.

World Affairs – in Rehovot in Palestine, where Polish Jews founded a community in 1890, Palestinians attack the jewish settlement.

Labour Relations: In Michigan, USA, copper miners begin a strike which will last for over eight months. Thier goal – an eight hour day without loss of pay.

Science, technology and early flight: George Prensiel, a German national working at the London Aerodrome, patents his life saving (ejecting) parachute apparatus.

Cinema: At Oneonta in New York State, the Oneonta Theatre shows the first ever talking movie using Thomas Edison’s short lived Kinetophone technology. The technology will be abandoned after a short time and movie goers will need to wait another 13 years until true talkies arrive.