22nd December 1913 (Monday)

BORN TODAY: place unknown – Sikkimese rifleman Padam Singh Gurung, Ghurka rifleman, world war 2 veteran and recipient of the┬áBurma War Medal, Jammu and Kashmir Medal, Independence Medal (India) and Republic Day Award (Sikkim). Died in July 2012 in his 99th year.


Transport: At the Brooklands racing circuit in southern England, Briton LG “Cupid” Hornsted sets a new land speed record in excess of 200 kilometres per hour driving in a Benz 200 horse power racing car (“Blitzenbenz”).


Accidents: In Melbourne, Australia – the “Argus” reports the death of 19 year old Gordon Campbell Murch, killed by a motor car while riding his bicycle.


Society and Culture: The Plattsburgh Daily Press in New York state reports an upcoming conference of hygienists whose aim is “to produce a better race of men”.


Women’s suffrage: Lilian Lenton, serial suffragette arsonist, is re-arrested (after escaping from a nursing home) for an arson attack on a house in Cheltenham, England.