16th June 1913 (Monday)

BORN TODAY: in Mosa, Middlesex, Ontario – Grace Margaret Jeffrey – daughter of Fred and Mary Jeffery, respectively farmer and housewife, of Mosa, Middlesex, Ontario.

Accidents and disasters:  at the Carr House colliery in Rotherham, Yorkshire, England – 8 miners are killed by a sudden inrush of water into the mine.water).

Society and Culture: in Berlin, half a million citizens turn out to cheer the Kaiser and Kaiserin  as they celebrate 25 years since his ascension to the throne in 1888 (just 17 years after Germany’s official unification in 1871).


In the Russian newspaper, Pravda, VI Lenin publishes his article: “The working class and neomalthusianism”, celebrating that the working class are “unconditionally the enemies of neomalthusianism” (that is, contraception) because the “working class is not perishing, it is growing, becoming stronger”.    “Our (sic) children will fight better than we do, and they will be victorious”.


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